WMU named to top talent list for consumer packaged goods industry

Contact: Stacey Anderson
Students stand in front of a large projector screen displaying a graph.

Food marketing students present to their class.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.鈥擡valuating the best sources of food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing talent, Consumer Goods Technology has named 香港六合彩玄机 Michigan University鈥檚 Haworth College of Business as one of . 香港六合彩玄机鈥檚 food marketing program has a storied history with CPG companies, and this ranking makes official something CPG organizations have long known鈥擶MU is the place to seek innovative, future-focused employees with strong team skills.

The list takes a coast-to-coast view of higher education and identifies institutions where students come out of their programs with the real-life experience employers are seeking. The schools on the list also boast strong placement of students across the CPG industry.

鈥淲e are absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition of our food marketing program,鈥 says Dr. Russell Zwanka, director. 鈥淥ur teaching philosophy is built upon the foundation that real-life industry involvement, applied principles and effective communication skills, are a solid foundation for a successful career in the CPG industry. A program is only as successful as the students it produces, and our students are standouts. The energy in this program is off the charts!鈥

The competition for great hires with education and experience in food and consumer packaged goods marketing is fiercer than ever before. As experienced employees are promoted, many entry-level positions are available at CPG companies, which are seeking the best investment in future leaders for their organizations.

Here are just a few recent accolades that show why WMU Haworth鈥檚 food marketing program is a go-to source where recruiters find their next great hires.

  • Certifications: The food marketing program offers a professional category management certification and a cannabis marketing certification. Students can earn these certifications while also taking their top-shelf food marketing courses.
  • Employment: Food and CPG companies recruit year after year at WMU. In WMU鈥檚 2021-22 Post-Graduation Activity Survey, 100% of food marketing graduates were employed full time soon after graduating.
  • Real-world experience: Employers are seeking students with more real-world experience in the industry, and hands-on projects are a hallmark of the WMU food marketing program. Industry projects are embedded in courses, and students have numerous opportunities to engage with companies to gain experience so they hit the ground running as professionals on day one.
  • Professionalism: Through the Food Marketing Association student organization, the Food Marketing Conference, the food industry tour and a host of activities at WMU Haworth, students gain the skills to collaborate, communicate and become lifelong learners focused on earning opportunities in the industry.
  • Synergy: The WMU food marketing program looks for connections and strengthens them. Whether it be encouraging students to dual major in food marketing and supply chain management to be more marketable or working with companies directly to help them solve the problems in the modern CPG world, the program consistently models innovation and synergistic strategies.

With the food marketing program鈥檚 history of listening to industry input and adapting its offerings to align with employer needs, including specialized skills and emerging technologies, it is no surprise WMU food marketing program graduates lead鈥攁nd are hired by鈥攎any of the most respected food and CPG companies in the world.

Learn more about the WMU food marketing program.

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