Graduate Programs

Addiction Specialization—Certificate
—Accelerated MS, MS
Aging Studies—Certificate
—MA (suspended)
Applied Economics—Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Applied Statistics—Certificate
Audiology—Accelerated AuD, AuD
Aviation Administration—Certificate
Biological Sciences—Accelerated MA, Accelerated MS, MA, MS, PhD
Business Analytics—Certificate
Chemical Engineering—Accelerated MS, MS, PhD
Chemistry—Accelerated MA, MA, MS, PhD
Child Welfare—Certificate
Civil Engineering—Accelerated MS, MS, PhD
Clinical Addiction—Certificate
College Science Teaching—Certificate
Communication—Accelerated MA, MA
Comparative Religion—Accelerated MA, MA
Computer Engineering—Accelerated MSE, MSE
Computer Science—Accelerated MS, MS, PhD
Counseling Psychology—Certificate, Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Data Science—Accelerated MS, MS
Earth Science—Accelerated MS, MS
Educational Leadership—Certificate, MA, EdS, PhD
Electrical Engineering—Accelerated MSE, MSE
Embedded System Design—Certificate
English—Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Exercise Science—Accelerated MS, MS
Family and Consumer Sciences—Accelerated MA, MA
Finance Technology—Certificate
Food Marketing—Certificate
Geography—Accelerated MS, MS
Geosciences—MS, PhD
Global Leadership and Learning—Certificate, MA
Hispanic Studies—Accelerated MA, MA
History—Accelerated MA, Certificate, MA, PhD
Industrial Engineering—Accelerated MSE, MSE, PhD
Kinship Care Families—Certificate
Manufacturing Engineering—Accelerated MS, MS
Mathematics—Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Mechanical Engineering—Accelerated MSE, MSE, PhD
—MD and MBA
Medieval Studies—Accelerated MA, MA
Mixed-Methods Research—Certificate
Music—Accelerated MA, MA, MM
Music Performance—Certificate
Nurse Educator—Certificate
Organizational Change Leadership—Certificate, MA, PhD
Orientation and Mobility—Certificate, Accelerated MA, MA
Paper and Printing Science—Accelerated MS, MS, PhD
Physics—MA, PhD
Political Science—Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Psychology—MA, PhD
Public Administration—Accelerated MPA, MPA, PhD
Public History—Accelerated MA, MA
Qualitative Research—Certificate
Renewable Power Systems—Certificate
School Counseling—Certificate, MA
Science Education—MA, PhD
Social Work—Accelerated MSW, MSW
Sociology—Accelerated MA, MA, PhD
Special Education—MA, Master Teacher-Accelerated MA, EdD
Statistics—Accelerated MS, MS, PhD
Supply Chain Management—Certificate
Teacher Development—Certificate
Tribal Governance—Certificate
Vision Rehabilitation Therapy—Certificate, Accelerated MA, MA