A student stands in front of the Michigan Capitol.

Bronco Impact

Nobody charges forward like a Bronco. Our students, faculty and alumni are making their mark for a better world.


  • A portrait of Grace Filpi in front of yellow bleachers.

    Life-changing research

    I continue to learn new things in the research lab every day and have found my true passion for science and learning. It was in the research lab where I was able to confidently commit to a career in medicine, where science and learning will become part of my everyday life.

    Grace Filpi, biomedical sciences

    Explore her work with cancer-killing viruses

  • Jason Wang holds a bucket with composted material.

    Championing sustainability

    (Leading and developing a compostability testing center) was a challenge for me; we kind of started from scratch. But it aligns with my Ph.D. expertise, developing innovative green technologies to promote sustainability.

    Jason Wang, paper science

    Check out his work

  • A teen uses a walker while other students look on.

    Education meets innovation

    It gives me goosebumps to think that something I do before I even enter the field could help change a family's life

    Carolyn Hoezee, interior design

    Read how students helped a family envision an accessible future

  • A portrait of Quinn Heiser next to rockets.

    Mapping environmental change

    We were assessing vegetation health through remote sensing data. I got to work with a really great team (at NASA) and ... use a lot of the skills that I've learned (at 香港六合彩玄机).

    Quinn Heiser, geography and philosophy

    Learn how a prestigious NASA internship helped launch his career

  • Robert Parsons walks next to a young woman outdoors.

    Changing perceptions

    I chose to (be a rehabilitation counselor) in order to show not just homage to that counselor who made such a big change in my life, but so that I could be that change for the next generation of people coming in with blindness or low vision.

    Robert Parsons, rehabilitation counseling and vision rehabilitation therapy

    See how an internship helped him destigmatize disability

  • Students stand with Buster Bronco.

    Pairing business with philanthropy

    Originally, launching a wine brand out of the college didn鈥檛 seem real ... (but) my thinking quickly changed from 鈥榯his is just for a grade鈥 to 鈥榬eal lives will be impacted if this goes through.鈥

    Jason Olinger, sales and business marketing, Bronconess team member


  • Dr. Ashlyn Kuersten poses for a photo with a student in the field.

    Cracking cold cases

    Dr. Ashlyn Kuersten partnered with Michigan State Police to launch a first-of-its kind program that gives students the opportunity to help solve decades-old homicide cases by working side-by-side with detectives. And they've already helped multiple families find justice.

    Learn more about the Cold Case Program

  • Dr. Ricky Stull holds up a petri dish in his laboratory as a student looks on.

    Groundbreaking research

    Dr. Ricky Stull is building on an enzyme discovery that could help smokers overcome addiction and changing the way the scientific world thinks about an entire family of biological catalysts. Students are conducting the research right alongside him.

    Read about the potential impacts

  • Dr. Qingliu Wu sits with a student at a wall full of wires.

    Pioneering battery technology

    Dr. Qingliu Wu is on the leading edge of battery research, helping to develop low-cost, highly sustainable power sources for electric vehicles with innovative biomass-based materials.

    Learn how 香港六合彩玄机 is leading the charge

  • Dr. D'Jaris Coles-White sits with students at a table with classroom items.

    Innovative instruction

    Dr. D'Jaris Coles-White is groundbreaking leader in the field of speech-language pathology, focusing on multicultural issues in speech disorders and development of social language skills in children with autism spectrum disorders.

    See how she breaks down barriers in the classroom

  • A portrait of Doug Lepisto and Derrick McIver standing outside.

    Uplifting entrepreneurs

    Drs. Doug Lepisto and Derrick McIver are invested in the success of the community, creating Sleeping Giant Capital to generate economic, social and educational returns in West Michigan by acquiring small businesses.

    Read how they're making an impact

  • Sue Ellen Christian tosses a ball into the air.

    Challenging perceptions

    As misinformation and disinformation becomes more mainstream, Sue Ellen Christian creates tools for citizens to think critically and discern fake news from facts.

    Learn about her media literacy exhibit


  • Crystal Lucas-Perry stands in the street in front of the marquee for her Broadway show 1776. Photo is courtesy Valerie Terranova

    Bronco on Broadway

    I always felt so supported from the second I was (at 香港六合彩玄机) to not just be an actor but a complete artist. It wasn't about just throwing you into the industry and saying, 'Good luck.' They also prepare you for the next phase of your artistic education.

    Crystal Lucas-Perry, B.A.'10, Tony-nominated actress

    See how 香港六合彩玄机 helped her shine on the big stage

  • Zenia Gutierrez reads to students.

    Empowered to give back

    My lifelong goal is to get the books where they are needed. The lack of bilingual books is a problem that exists throughout our entire nation, and if there isn't a voice in other states, I want to be that voice.

    Zenia Gutierrez, B.A.'12, M.A.'22, teacher

    Read how she's breaking barriers through books

  • Jamauri Bogan stands with WMU Athletic Director Dan Bartholomae for a photo.

    Invested in community

    Kalamazoo's heart for serving and giving makes it unique. Being a part of this community made me realize that we are all better when we put others first. In all my pursuits, I aim to remain outward-focused, ensuring I serve this elite community!

    Jamauri Bogan, B.B.A.'17, MBA'19, real estate developer

    See how he's making a difference