Bonnie says “Hi, Christopher”



So I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Bonnie.

We played together this last week–just right before you went to school–when me and Dad, we stayed at your Mom’s place?


So, Hi again.

Thank you very much for the big doggy biscuit.  I got so many biscuits when I stayed at your place (Hint, Dad!).  I LOVE them all (STRONG hint, Dad!)

I hope you have a good time at kindergarten.  I am also in kindergarten myself, except that my Dad is homeschooling me.  He’s teaching me all kinds of doggy manners, one of which is not to jump on people.  But, I am still a puppy and I just love to hug people.  So, I am sorry if I scared you when I hugged you.  I am also sorry that I scratched your ankle: I just get really excited when I am around “dog” people.

My Dad said we’ll be back to visit Cape Charles.  He said he likes how quiet and peaceful it is.  (He also said that I would like the ocean in winter, especially with a lot of snow.  Well, we’ll see about that.)  But anyway, whenever we are back, I hope we could play together again.

So, until then, I hope you have fun and learn a lot in school.

So, bye for now.

Bonnie Lassie




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Bonnie says “Hi”



Hi, this is Bonnie.

Dad said I could use this space, even if it has nothing to do with bicycles.

He said he owns it, so we can do anything with it we want. “Hell, why not,” he said.

He’s like that!


It occurred to me that some folks may not know who I am.

So, firstly, Hi.

I am Bonnie.  The full name is Bonnie Lassie, as recorded at the vet office.  I am also known as “Ms. Le” to some folks, as that is my Dad’s last name.  (In fact, the nurse at the vet sometimes calls me that.)  But at home with Dad, and to others I have met, I am just Bonnie.  (Well, actually right after Dad brought me home, I thought my name was “Jesus Christ Bonnie!”  I will tell you more about that later.)

Dad adopted me about four months ago.  The good folks at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation found me in Puerto Rico, which was where I was born.  After seeing me on one of the doggy dating pages, well, that’s how me and Dad met.  I am an April puppy, so that makes me about a-year-and-four-month old.  April is a special month to Dad, because my human sister was also an April baby.  (Hi, big sis!)

I am a Rough Collie, short for “rough coat collie”:  I have two coats, one soft downy one underneath, and a coarser–or rough–coat on the outside.  You may have heard of my cousins, the “smooth” collies?  They are all the same as my kind, except for the outer rough coat.  That means that I am equipped for year-round weather.  Dad said I would love the winter and the snow.  Well, I hope so.  I haven’t known either, but–as always–I am always for trying new things.  (He also said I would like the ocean and water…)

Seeing as how talkative I get, Dad decided to let me use his blog thing to chat with you, this BikeReston blog thingy.  And so that’s how you’d hear from me every so often.  In fact, me and Dad, we will be doing this road trip thing over the next several months; and I will let you know where we end up on this blog.

So, until we meet again, I hope everyone is well.  I will write again very soon.

Love always,

Bonnie Lassie

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Bonnie met the OCEAN



Hi, this is Bonnie.

Dad said I could use this space, even if it has nothing to do with bicycles.

He said he owns it, so we can do anything with it we want. “Hell, why not,” he said.

He’s like that!



Hello everyone, this is Bonnie again.  Boy, do I have a lot to tell you today, because, guess what?  We went to the ocean.

So Dad said that I would like the ocean.  And he said it’s just all water.  A lot of water.  More water than I would ever know.  So I said (to myself, primarily), OK, show me the ocean.

And so that’s where we went today.

Oh My Doggy God…



It’s more water than I have ever seen in my entire life (and, mind you, I am from Puerto Rico, a little bit of land in a lot of ocean…)

Oh My Dear Heavenly Dog…

I looked left, right, front, and back, and everywhere it’ s water.  And the first thing Dad said was, “Get in it, it’s just water.”



To be honest with you, I was kind of scared.  You see, I think the water wanted to say Hello to me, so it came up and touched my feet.  So I said Hello back; but then it ran away…  So I ran after it, but then there was no more ground.  (You see, we dogs like to have firm grounds under our feet.)  So I ran back to Dad, who told me to “Get in the water, you chicken [that bad word]!”  (Just so you know, Dad, calling me that bad word is certainly most unacceptable, but calling me a chicken is just the ultimate insult!  Your mom didn’t let you watch “Lassie” when you were little?  We have a history here!)

(You see, I think my Dad has it all figured out, this ocean, water, and me.  He said I have web feet–which I do–and can swim like a fish.  And then, he made this 10-yard leash that should allow me to run like a dog; which I appreciate.  And he said that–with it on–if I start drowning, that he could reel me in like a fish, no worries.  And that’s just my Dad, got the world all figured out and written down like a cake recipe.)


What Dad did not realize was that I was afraid of the ocean.  You see, everytime it tried to touch my feet, it also made this noise I had never heard before; sort of a swishy sound.  And then it wrapped itself around my feet, like it wanted to take me with it.

(I in fact fell in it once, and all Dad did was laugh and asked “You OK?”)

So, if it’s all the same to you, Dad, I would just play “tag” with it.  For now.  And really, it was fun!  See, when it wanted to touch me, I’d run away.  Then, when it ran away, I’d go after it.  And then we would just do it all over again.  And we just had a grand old time.  I even stomped my feet in it and made it splash.

We’ll just save the real adventures for later, OK, Dad?




So after a fun morning, we went to a place called the “Shanty”.  We have been coming there for the past few days, starting with when I met my human sister.  Dad likes to come back there because I can go with him.  And plus, the people there are really nice.  See, there’s this lady that gives us food and drinks, she also has a puppy my age, a Beagle; his name is “‘Bama” (as in the state, not the president).  I met ‘Bama last night, and we jumped all over each other and sniffed crotch and just had a good time.

(Side note here, but you humans should try this jumping/crotch sniffing thing.  It works for us dogs, and it may make your world a more friendly place.  Try it.)

And the lady is really sweet to me, too.  She gave me a big tub of ice cubes, which I like to chew on and push around on the wooden deck.  She kept saying how pretty I am; then scratched my neck.  And I could tell she is a genuine “dog” person; it’s just something about her touch, you know?  “Dog” people are just special that way!

(By the by, but I think my Dad likes to come there also because the lady has a real pretty smile.  I mean, I am a girl, and even I think it’s pretty.  Dad in fact said something about her having “eyes that smile”.  OK, Dad!)



So that’s another fun day for this puppy, and now I think I am ready for bed.  (In fact, I slept all the way home from the ocean.)  We have to go back home pretty early tomorrow morning, so bed is a good idea.

So good night and love to all, and I will write again very soon.

Bonnie Lassie



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Bonnie went on a road trip


Hi, my name is Bonnie.

Dad said I could use this space, even if it has nothing to do with bicycles.

He said he owns it, so we can do anything with it we want. “Hell, why not,” he said.

He’s like that!


So, Dad said, “Let’s go on a road trip.”

I didn’t know what that meant; I just knew we were going to do it because Dad said he’s getting tired of racing rats (which–I think–is as it should be.  I mean, not bragging or anything, but between me and those dumb rats, the choice is pretty obvious, don’t you think?  Rats?  Come on, Dad.)

So in any case, we went on the road trip.

And it started with a LONG car ride.  (YIPPEE!)  I have never gone on such a long car ride before.

See, Dad has this car with a whole big crate in the back just for me.  I could look out the back, the sides, the front, stand up, walk around (but Dad keeps telling me to SIIIIT!), wag at the other moving things.  It’s really fun–if it wasn’t for Dad to tell me to SIT all the time.  (Else he’d “kick my butt!”  A girl’s got to have a little fun, you know!)

We saw some really BIG moving things.  There’s this one, where the man in it waved at me; so I said Hello back.  Then there’s this other one that made a big honking noise; SO I said Hello back to him.  There were also smaller ones, some with these little yappers in them; I said Hello to THEM too.  Oh, and there’s the one with the pretty blue and red lights on top (and Dad said something about defecating–I won’t repeat the actual word; even a dog has manner, you know?–when he saw it behind us.  But it went around us).  Well, I said Hello to it too.  I said Hello to a LOT of people (and if it wasn’t for Dad telling me to shut up all the time, else he’d “kick..”  You know the rest.)

Well, so, after saying Hello to all those things and people, and taking long naps in between, we got to this place called the OCEAN.  It’s a place that’s all water, Dad said, and that I would like it a lot.  So he opened all the windows, to let me smell the ocean air.  If I must be truthful, it kind of smells like bacon.  Or may be that fish treat that Dad gives me to get me in my bed.  Well, whatever.  I think I will like this ocean thing, especially if it’s anything like bacon or my favorite treat.

So then we got to this place where, Dad said, we will stay for a few nights.  He said its name is Peacock something.  Well, it does not look, smell, walk like a peacock (we being animals together, we sort of know these things, you know.)  But it’s OK, because we met this really nice lady who gave me a BIG bone biscuit and welcome us “to the Peacock.”  She is REALLY nice; I could tell she’s my kind of persons, you know, what you’d call a “dog” person?

(Let me make sure you understand my point: 1. She’s a nice person; and 2. She gave me a big biscuit.  That’s “two” nice in one person, OK?)

And then, guess what?


Dad was wondering what we would do for dinner, besides dog food for me and some eleven seven thingy what-not for him, when he said we would meet my sister for dinner.

She’s just really so sweet and pretty (and she thinks I am sweet and pretty too; hey big sis, maybe we can get some girl time together?)  She also has a pup of her own, Sierra.  I was so E_X_C_I_T_E_D to meet Sierra, and she was the same way; and so we jumped all over each other to say Hello.  (Maybe not obvious to humans, but really, jumping all over each other is just about the best way to meet someone new.  That, and sniffing crotch.)  So while Dad and my human sister yabba-dabba-doo’d, me and Sierra hung out together (yup, you guessed it, more jumping and sniffing.)


Well, so we are back “at the Peacock” now.  Boy, it sure has been a long, fun day, and I am getting kind of sleepy.  So I think I will say Bye for now.  I will write again tomorrow.

By the way Dad, I think I like this road trip thing.

Love to all, and Good Night.

Bonnie Lassie

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BikeReston at Herndon Labor Day Festival

BikeReston at Herndon Labor Day Festival

BikeReston at Herndon Labor Day Festival

Right outside my back door is the Washington and Old Dominion Trail.

Once upon a time, it was a railroad track, from Purcelville to Alexandria, Va.  After the train became a thing of the past, it was acquired by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and turned into a park.  It’s known as the longest, AND narrowest, park in all of the Old Dominion: 48 mile-long, and 100 foot-wide.  It’s a “shared-use” trail, accommodating pedestrians, horse-riding, bicycling, and–in the winter–skiing.

Because of its “shared-use” purpose, some of my riding companions don’t like to ride on it.  I can understand this: it’s difficult to work on your speed when–on every other pedal–you have to dodge walkers, children on trikes, horses, etc.

Roots Music Goodness

Roots Music Goodness

I like the trail, perhaps because it’s convenient (it’s literally right outside my back door); but also because of that same “shared-use” purpose.  So what if I have to brake every so often, just to yield the right-of-way to a family with children in tow, or on trikes?  It feels good being out and seeing others enjoying the same thing you do: fresh, clean air; a healthy walk or ride, unencumbered by motorist traffic; etc.

The Fabulous Mary Ann Redmond

The Fabulous Mary Ann Redmond

During the festival seasons, the trail can also bring me to a number of festivals where cars are not necessarily the most convenient transportation.  Municipalities, such as Vienna and Herndon, Va., organize their celebration (practically) on the trail itself.  And streets are usually blocked off several blocks out.  I can ride to these, no problems finding parking for my bike (just locking it against a tree or mailbox usually works), then enjoy the day.  (I drove to the Vienna Town Fest once, and–after having to fight to find parking–I lost interests, turned around, and went home.)

Ah, and I sinned aplenty this day!

Ah, and I sinned aplenty this day!

And enjoy, I did.

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BikeReston @ VivaVienna

BikeReston @ VivaVienna

Slow-bikes Rule!

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BikeReston Digs The Cherry Blossoms

BikeReston And Company At The FDR Memorial

To go see the Cherry Blossoms this year, we decided to make an adventure out of it: we went by bike, route unknown.

And were in for a pleasant surprise.

We parked at Gravelly Point, biked across George Mason bridge, which put us right into the rear of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (that part of the route was known. :o) )

From there, we sort of fumbled our way around the Tidal Basin, went by the FDR Memorial (I didn’t know that the memorial was there; if we had gone by car, I don’t know how we could find it); then, just sort of felt our way down to the National Mall.

We passed–and stopped at–a number of monuments along the way, without ever having to bother with finding a parking place.  Most of the ride was in the shade; the temperature was no higher than 70F.  It was such a pleasant ride.  We rode when we wanted, and stopped when there’s an attraction.  No hurries, no speed record to break.  Just a beautiful day, on two wheels.

No part of the route was planned.  As said, we just set out and let the wind take us where it may.

Along the way, I think we made a convert to the bicycle cult as well.

I am slowly but surely digging this slow-bike thing.  I am hoping the kids will get the idea that the bicycle is much more than just a lycra-n-spandex thing.  It’s also transportation, leisure.  And quality family time.

(Sure beats them sitting around at home, texting all day!)

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What Does It Take To Bike Reston, Va.?

A bicycle.

That’s it!

For the purpose of a definition, a bicycle is any contraption supported by two wheels, powered by your legs (or hands, depending).

That’s really it!

It can be high-end, hand-built, the best Trek or Specialized or Cannondale has to offer.

It can also be a Wal-Mart special.

Doesn’t matter.

So long as it allows you to propel it forward under your own power.

So, there you go: get out there and Bike Reston.  See and be seen.

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