Let’s start with what this blog is not.

It’s not another “oh-so-healthy-the-bicycle” blog: at best, the health thing is a secondary thought. You will never read–not on this blog–“you should try biking, ‘cuz it’s good for your health.” (Sleeping is also healthy. Just sayin’.)

It’s certainly not a “green” blog: again, biking may be good for the environment, emits no bad stuff, is sustainable whatnot, yadi yadi yada; all good, except “green” ain’t the point of this blog. (Trust me, “green” is certainly not what’s on my mind when I pedal to my local watering hole.)

Not is it an anti-car blog: I do have a car; I use it when I need alternative transportation. I acknowledge its utilitarian value.

Then, what is this blog about?

It’s about the most ingenous transportation mode (IMHO, ever!): the bicycle. In a small Virginia, USA, town, Reston.

I love Reston, Va. It’s a small, cozy place, where I could get pretty much everywhere on my trusty two-wheel. 

The purpose of this blog is to show off my town. From a bicycle saddle.

That’s it!

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