Bonnie does not like the blues


Hi, this is Bonnie.

Dad said I could use this space, even if it has nothing to do with bicycles.

He said he owns it, so we can do anything with it we want. “Hell, why not,” he said.

He’s like that!


Hi, everyone,

My Dad, I tell you…

See, I don’t know what happens to him, but he sings a lot lately.  Which is fine.  I mean, I got used to it on our trip to Cape Charles.

But now, every time he sings, he also puts this thing on his lap (he calls it a gheeder, or something like that), and it makes such a horrendous, twangy noise.  I mean, it makes my hair STAND UP (and that takes lot; it’s almost as bad as those lil yappers.)

So I would ask him, nicely, in my indoor voice, to please skip the twangy thing.

And so he shushed me!  And kept on twang’in’.

You see, we collies are just really sensitive to these high-pitchy sounds, especially those Dog-forsaken TWANGY sounds, so I would ask him again, this time in my outdoor voice, to please SHUT IT!

“Whatsa matta witch’u?” he said.  “You don’t like the blues?”

No, Dad, I don’t like the blues!  I mean, who could ever like such racket…

Editor’s note: Bonnie’s Dad was practicing the slide “gheeder”


Otherwise, we have been back at the “normal” for a few days now and things are sort of normal again.

Dad kept telling me that all I ever do is poop, pee, bark, and wag.  Except that–because I was not eating well–the first function on the list was not working too well.  But, I tell you, my Dad, he’s just some kind of genius: so he is mixing into my food things like banana, apple, even pumpkin; and so I am eating like a champ again; and everything is back, working just like clockwork.

(Maybe just for fun, I will hold for a couple days, to see what he could come up with…)

And so we are back to our daily walks, seeing/sniffing all the familiar things, saying Hello to everyone on our way.  There are these two ladies–Dad calls them the Yakka Sista’s.  I mean, we see them once in while on our walks, and boy, they both just yak yak yak away as they walk.  I mean, they can really YAK, both at the same time, arms and hands going in all directions.  See, I am a talkative girl, but even I don’t have all that many things to talk about.  But boy, they were just really going at it, morning and evening (and sometime even when I am out on my midday walk).  So today on our way back, we saw them coming.  Dad asked me (nicely, thank you, Dad) to sit, and I sat (nicely, thank you, Bonnie) and let them pass.  As they passed me, I could not resist saying Hello, in my best outdoor voice possible.  And–this is funny–they both hopped, stopped, said “Whoops!”, and looked at me at the same time.  And then went right back to their arm-swinging yakking way.

(Call me simple, but that made my day.)


During our walk today, Dad said “I think I hear the mountains calling our names.”  I don’t know what he meant, but I think he probably heard the sound of the bus passing us (which I did NOT chase; see how good I am?)

Well, whatever, Dad.  You know I am there with you.


That’s it for now.  I hope everything is well for everyone.  I will write again very soon.

Love always,

Bonnie Lassie

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